Blade Runner moment

I downloaded the Microsoft Tags Reader for my phone and scanned one of the USA Today tags. It wasn’t in the best light and the app didn’t recognize the tag at first but in a "Blade Runner Deckard" type moment the app triangulated, centered, and focused on the tag image and then pulled up the newspaper's business headlines - wow! It makes me wonder what publishers in general and libraries could already or potentially be using these tags for. Maybe some libraries are already using MS Tags or other tags?

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MS tags can collect user data, unlike dumb QR codes.

and MS has a whole 28 page document on the correct structure an placement of tags, so maybe the one you scanned wasn't optimized to the proper tag implemenation guidelines.

I did read the prompts, MS knows my location, etc. Oh well, it's not like Google, Yahoo, and every other online entity doesn't know who I am. Much better than having your credit card number compromised (which happened to me a few weeks ago). I'm sure via all the product registrations and crash reports I submitted over the years, that Microsoft has known who I am since '97. (Maybe they will offer me a job for putting the plug in for their latest app.? :) Even though I'm not on Facebook, they probably also know who I am, or at least my email address via those who have sent me an invitation. How about all of the public information links that list every place someone has lived in the past 20 years, all of their immediate relatives (even those in military active service), plus their ages. If you want complete privacy from everyone on the four corners of the globe in the Internet age, I have a bridge in Brooklyn NY that I could sell you...

I wish that I could have saved the scanned image, but it was blurry (hard to keep the little Blackberry camera lens clean - utto, now "they" know what phone I own!), the app said it couldn't recognize the image, then two red squares appeared and centered in on the image and whamo - USA Today business headlines! More importantly, the Blade Runner Esper Photo Analysis scene, and more Blade Runner tech at

In the words of the late and great Paul Harvey - "Good day!"

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