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Political Bohemian Rhapsody

Funny, and may it create a moment of lightheartedness in your week.

Another Orwellian Moment - IRS looks at NAACP

From the New York Times (mid morning Friday).

An earlier report (in the Friday print edition) brought attention to the initial IRS investigation, and this article apparently is in response to that initial report.

Cats Are Democrats...

Cute cartoon from Kirk Anderson: Cats /Dogs .

NRA Losing Sportsman Members

NRA Losing Sportsmen Members

Growing numbers of hunters and sportsmen have grown disenchanted with the National Rifle Association's controversial positions.

And so they should.

World Views US Election Through Our Comedians

From Agence France-Presse:

The world looks on as comics try to lighten up a desparate election year fight to the finish: article includes references to Jon Stewart's Daily Show and the "fake news" on SNL.

Journalists Not Happy With Election Coverage

...and neither am I.

Here's the report from .

Sinclair Fires Lead Political Reporter

Sinclair Broadcasting has fired its lead political reporter for speaking his mind about the airing of "Stolen Honor". They called Jon Lieberman "disgruntled."From the Washington Post .

Families and Politics

You know how there's always a couple of members of the family who see things (politics among them) from a different perspective? Well, by now you most likely have determined my political perspective (if you've been reading my blog), but I'd like to call your attention to the real politico of my family, my nephew Daniel Drezner. He's a well-respected political (Republican) blogger and PoliSci Prof. at the U. of Chicago, and he's (most likely) voting for Kerry. Find out why Dan's Blog .

Vote and Be Damned

Maureen Dowd's piece in today's NYT, "Vote and Be Damned".

Upcoming Election - 2000 Redux?

A frightening scenario...article by John M. Broder in the Week in Review, in the NYT.Don't stay home on election day, please vote.

NRA endorsement and a poem

From the Washington Post . NRA has endorsed GWB. Here's my poem in tribute:

    Artillery's good

    Trial Lawyers are bad

    The state of our nation

    Has made me so mad.

    Warmongering's good

    Liberals are bad

    If I hadn't lived through it

    I'd think I'd been had.

    Isolationism's good

    Diplomacy's bad

    I predict November second

    There'll be a hanging chad.

    But the lawyers stand ready

Voting Your Conscience

From yesterday's NYT, an op-ed piece by Mark W. Roche, Dean of the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame NYT Op Ed

Makes an interesting contrast with today's article about "Groups of Bishops Using Influence to Oppose Kerry" NYT article

Cool NYT Presidential Election Graphic

NYT updated and in full color!!! Watch the US switch shapes when you click "by geography" and "by electoral votes".

"Are You Better Off..." Fiore cartoon

Mark Fiore asks the musical question "Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago"?


The answer shouldn't take (as they say) a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to figure out, but for some reason, I have a feeling that the number of rocket scientists and brain surgeons in this country has been diminishing of late. Or not? Time will tell.

Doctorow's "The Unfeeling President"

This article is making the rounds, but if you haven't had a chance to read it yet, it's


Columnist Clyde Haberman Hits it 'Write On'

"We Have Met The News And It Is Us"

From today's New York Times (registration required).

Tell me something that's NOT politically motivated

Between "Swift Boat Vets for Truth" (although mercifully they've been out of the limelight lately), the faked memo on "Sixty Minutes" and yesterday's story about a crooked PR man's attempt to get out the GOP vote in a library, I'm a little fed up with how things work between June and November in an election year. Here's the news about alleged rotten doings by Tom DeLay's staffers, Houston Chronicle -- no registration required.

Assault Weapons Cartoon

from the brilliant Mark Fiore

A Report Card for Our Country

First off, I'm not a political expert, nor an educator, but I have sent my children through school and I know the value of a report card. They are not without bias, they're not always 100% accurate, but they do reflect a student's grasp of the subject matter and their potential for improvement.

Secondly, I suspect that my opinions may not sway voters who are staunch Bush supporters. These are the opinions of just one individual. This report card is not necessarily in support of any candidate, it's an evaluation of the performance of the current officeholder.

If you had authority over a school that had poor attendance, failing students, underqualified and underpaid teachers, graft and greed at the management level-–would you rehire the Principal for four more years?

This is just my idea of where our country stands as it prepares to elect the President.

Jobs D

  • Too many jobs exported to other countries, too few opportunities here at home, particularly in our cities

    Health Care D-

  • Soaring health care costs, unaffordable drugs and little concern for the chronically ill and elderly.

    Education D

  • Mediocre at best. Less funds spent on the next generation of Americans.

    Economy D

  • Little effort to rebuild the economy, and no thought to where to go from here. Loss of trading partners overseas.

    Energy D-

  • Continuing dangerous dependence on Middle East oil. Basic infrastructure faulty and in need of attention.

    International Relations F

  • A disastrous foreign policy and an unnecessary war, killing both members of the military, civilians and many foreign nationals. Disrespect, in fact, hatred and disgust by a majority of nations in the free world, and loss of support from former allies and friends. Disregard for potentially dangerous international situations that are beginning to present themselves, and preoccupation with a program of 'homeland security' that is not functioning. Loss of freedoms to both U.S. citizens and visitors.
  • Assault Weapons Ban Expires 9/13/04 - Bush must sign renewal

    In 1994, Congress passed and the President (Bill Clinton) signed the Assault Weapons Ban banning Americans from purchasing assault weapons such as AK47s (weapons of war & mass destruction) in gun shops and other venues. I'm not talking about hunting rifles or even hand guns...ASSAULT WEAPONS are for killing massive numbers of people at one time.


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