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Harriet Miers Judgement

Like many of you, I am confounded about President Bush's choice for the next Supreme Court nominee.
Based on this photo ,though, it's pretty clear to me that she has extremely poor judgement regarding how to do her hair.

Dog Blog

Love the cartoon in this week's New Yorker...two dogs conversing, and one says to the other, "I had my own blog for a while, but I decided to go back to just pointless, incessant barking."

Stranger (and creepier) Than Fiction

A real but horrifying creature known as the snakehead fish (walks on land, swims in the sea, eats everything it encounters) has arrived here in the big apple.

Ugh...the story from the NYT.

Check Out My Favicon

and for anyone who wants to know what I do here's my website (with the very cute favicon).

Pennsylvania bike ride

I've been away since last weekend (and still am) on the PA Rails to Trails "Greenway Sojourn", a six day bike trip from Erie PA to Cabot (near Pittsburgh PA). The full trip is six days, but I decided to turn in my wristband after three long hard days of riding and tenting. It was fun, but really strenuous (for me) - 35 mi.

Journalism for the New Millenium

from Alternet: Is Karl Rove Screwed Or Not?

I appreciate being able to post 'all the library news that's fit to print' here on LISNews, thank you Blake for the opportunity.

Hope the Bush White House doesn't take my freedoms away.


New York Times reporter Judith Miller and convicted terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui are in the same jail together in Alexandria (VA) Editor and Publisher

White Powder

Couldn't help but shake my head when I read this NYTimes article. It reminded me of when I was about ten, and watched my Ukranian-born grandma (now dead about 45 years) drop her teeth overnight in a baking soda solution. Oh for those innocent days when white powder was just ...white powder, and what was scary was seeing her leave her false teeth on the edge of the sink.

Wal-Mart (well at least it's not politics)

"If Wal-Mart were a country, it would be China’s fifth largest export market. About 80 percent of its supplier factories are in China. Nearly 10 percent of all Chinese goods sold in the United States are sold at Wal-Mart. 85 percent of Wal-Mart products are made overseas, mostly by women in sweatshops in China." -- research by Liza Featherstone from her book, "Selling Women Short: The Landmark Battle for Worker's Rights at Wal-Mart"
by Liza Featherstone.

More on this subject here at

In the Army in a War With No End in Sight

Good column by Bob Herbert in the NYT. Here's a typically insightful statement: "There are always plenty of hawks in America. But the hawks want their wars fought with other people's children."

And although I would not qualify myself as a hawk (as a matter of fact, I much prefer the cooing of doves), I don't want my children sent to Iraq either. The 'war' is a travesty and a painfully heavy load for all Americans to carry.

A crazy thought

A crazy thought just sprang into my head (they're constantly springing in and out), in regard to the John Bolton impasse.

How 'bout Dan Rather for UN ambassador? I think he'd be good, and he's out of a job at the moment.


Question: Who sells books in the U.S.(apart from non-bookstores)?

  • Borders
    Over 460 Borders superstores in the U.S.;
    Approximately 650 Waldenbooks stores in malls
    47 Borders stores outside U.S., (primarily U.K. and Pacific Rim)
    35 Books etc. stores throughout Great Britain

  • Barnes & Noble821 stores in 50 states
  • Independent Bookstores - 2,200 that are members of the American Booksellers Association, maybe 1,000 unaffiliated

    Others are college bookstores, airport bookstores, etc.

  • Talented Biographer and Blogger

    I recently discovered the website of Peter Kurth , some of whose books I've read, but who also writes intelligently and pointedly (and liberally) on politics, society and other matters of the day.

    On one page of his blog, he quotes Dorothy Thompson (anti-fascist journalist) :

    Summer's here...

    Wondering why with so many HOT topics (Patriot Act, sex ed. in the schools, book prices) etc, there've been very few comments today.

    Is it cause it's too hot? It's in the scorching mid-90s in NYC today.

    And so it starts...

    Medical marijuana users in California, who receive a prescription from a physician, can be prosecuted for using that substance legally in their state.

    Welcome to the good old USA where we spend our money and efforts chasing people in pain and suffering from cancer and other horrible diseases, and allow all kinds of atrocities to happen LEGALLY. NYT article.

    Since I'm sure someone is going to pipe in on how I'm not patriotic's an add-on: at least we have freedom of speech here....

    Great quotes from the Tony Awards

    Quotes including Nathan Lane's quip: "I hate when people use the awards shows for political means, but I do have a message for Saddam Hussein: For the love of God, switch to boxers." --Presenter Nathan Lane

    A Phrase With Multiple Meanings

    Perusing, as I occasionally do, the phrase "In My Book" on Google, (to see how often our product line shows up), I found a very amusing but disgusting page on an e-bay forum discussing "Boogers In My Book." If you feel like getting grossed out, here 'tis: e-bay.

    Latest Prescription Drug News

    "Pfizer Says It's in Talks With FDA on Viagra Link to Blindness"'s rare, but it occurs.

    Sex Offenders Getting Wiagra, Ciali$

    Just love it. Our bureaucracy is such that we can help our poor sex offenders get medical help (is that the word) from such products as Viagra and we can't manage to feed the hungry or provide housing for the homeless, or prevent the deaths of thousands of Americans in Iraq. Thank goodness our valiant Senator Chuck Schumer is helping to untangle this big mess.

    the Wal-Martian

    For those of you who hate Wal-Mart as much as I do:

    a petition to hold them accountable for their employment and environmental mis-behaviors and their disregard for domestic manufacturers.


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