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Only 30 years

It's only taken thirty years, but I'm happy to report that Jackie Speier, once an aide to slain Congressman Leo Ryan, has been elected to his seat in the House. Anyone remember the circumstances of Ryan's death? NYT.

She is writing a book.

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Filthy Wal-Mart

Found this documentarian on flickr and here's his/her website.

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Meeting Nancy Pearl

Nancy Pearl sat in my booth at PLA (in Minneapolis) for a half-hour, and it was a great, but brief, opportunity to meet her after having interviewed her (by e-mail) for a story here in LISNews in August of 2005.

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How Things Even Out

A fairly simple philosophy...certainly applicable to most situations, from Jack Handey.

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Hand Shadows for your Monday

This little video can't help but make you feel good ...Hand Shadow show by Raymond Crowe.

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On this subject...NYT columnist Bob Herbert has it right on.

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First impressions

Check out artist Jane S. Noel's very interesting experiment in first impressions...
at her website.

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What To Do With a Wet iBook

Thought some of you might find some of these ideas of interest, discussed on

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Happy Birthday Hillary

Wonderful (as usual) column by Clyde Haberman of the NYTimes about the stresses of life as a New Yorker, not to leave out two NYers who are running...with pockets and purses open...for President.

Another interesting column from Madison, WI... want to share a secret? send it to the the secret keeper...

More on Paris this time

...this time on the Rive Gauche a Paris. They're in danger of disappearing...Guardian UK reveals the trend that has galleries and small booksellers being replaced by trendy clothing boutiques. They call the phenomenon "the greatest Gallic bogeyman of all, globalisation," and I can only hope that those French come to their senses and prevent the theft of history and tradition in the quartier where "where Juliette Greco sang, Miles Davis played and Michel Foucault philosophised."

an intelligent bookseller

Wanted to share this nice interview with a bookseller in Malaga, Spain ...from SUR (in English). Here's his bookshop, I hope to visit someday.

join my anti-spam campaign

Anyone want to join me? I am forwarding oh, one out of each dozen or so emails to the FTC at their new e-mail address, [email protected]. One can always hope.

What is the government doing about spam?

When I typed this question into my search engine (guess which one), this was the top response I got. It's a two year old article from a web-hosting site. Here's the third listed article, which has information down at the bottom of the page.

Cool food blog -- The Amateur Gourmet

Fun to read with easy but classy recipes and lots of pictures...The Amateur Gourmet, aka Adam Roberts, who incidentally just published a book by the same name. Love his recent entry in response to Frank Bruni's NYTimes blog about a restaurant not having iced tea.


A couple of interesting pages on Findlaw regarding Sen. Larry Craig's arrest and his complete disregard for the legal process and the constituents he is supposed to serve. You don't have to be a member of Congress to know how the law works.

Peace in the Middle East?

This reminds me of a period in time when there was hope for peace in the Middle East...may that time come again.

From The Globe and Mail: Thirteen years after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, Shimon Peres, at 84, is playing host to Palestinian and UN officials.

Woody Allen's Tribute to Ingmar Bergman

in the NYT. Really worth reading if you admire either or both of these filmmakers.


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