Bing Keeps Rising

It may be far too early to pop the champagne on the Microsoft campus, but a celebration with a round of beers — the good stuff — may be in order.

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I thought this was another zombie story with news of Bing Crosby rising from the grave. Like I don't have enough to worry about with Zombie Bob Hope shuffling through my neighborhood, now I have to fear a reunion of these two: although Road to Hell has a nice ring to it.

comscore is so inaccurate it's just laughable. A more accurate measurement (though it's still not very accurate) is looking at referral logs. I can look at the logs for about 200 domains, and bing is still almost nothing for any site. Nothing comes even close to Google for any of those sites. So I call Shenanigans on this. And yes, I know it's easy to call Shenanigans on my analysis as well.

The LLN statistics show Bing searches as many of the top searches leading to LLN pages. So I guess it depends.

I'm using Bing as my default search engine most of the time these days. (And, I have to say, I prefer Live Map's directions to Google Map's directions.) But that's just me...and maybe deliberately trying to encourage having more than one option.

I have been making a point to use Bing when I think about it just to help their numbers. I think that it is good for Google to have some healthy competition.

There is one thing on Bing that I think really beats Google and that is the bird's eye view (BIV) they provide in their map section. They don't have a bird's eye view for every city but they do have it for many.

The BIV is great when giving people directions because you can basically fly them over the route and show them the turns they would make.

BIV of the National Air and Space Museum (You can grab the picture and move it around and fly around DC)

Lincoln Memorial

What looks to be a berm house in Wausau, Wisconsin.

A traffic circle in Buffalo, NY