Bill collectors heed libraries page


This Story from The Orlando Sentinel, has a great first line:

\"If you hate being shushed by librarians, brace yourself for something even worse: A collection agency may soon be calling about those long-overdue books. The Seminole County Public Library System is joining a handful of others in Florida taking advantage of a 1996 law allowing public libraries to use collection agencies to go after their worst offenders.\"

Of course they do arrest people for overdure books in FL too.

Perhaps the most extreme measures were taken in Clearwater, which passed a law that
made failing to return library materials a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500
or 60 days in jail. Police there arrested two people and briefly jailed them earlier this
year for failing to return materials to the Clearwater Public Library.

No one is considering a similar crackdown in Central Florida. And not everyone agrees
collection agencies are needed, either. Officials with the Orange County Library System
insist their strategy of suspending borrowing privileges until patrons return overdue
books is sufficient.

"We think it\'s as good as you could possibly get it," director Dorothy Field

In Lake County, officials rely on special events such as "fine-free weeks" to
encourage patrons to return overdue materials.