Betty White set to portray a librarian on ABC sitcom.

Betty White will guest-star on the season finale of The Middle. The four-time Emmy winner <a href="">will play a school librarian</a> who goes after a student over several overdue library books. What? A librarian chasing down an overdue library book? What hijinx! Oh, one can only wonder where these writers get their ideas. We can only hope that zaniness and uncontrolled hilarity ensues.


Okay, but when are you all ever happy when a librarian is portrayed in fiction? If the character was played as a Web-obsessed, heavily-tattooed type, you'd bitch about that, too. Sitcoms are built on broad strokes, huge assumptions and stereotypes. Do you think your local police chief is pleased about Chief Wiggum (or your elementary school teachers pleased with Ms. Kraboppel)?

Get over it, you absurd whiners.

First off, what do you mean "you all"!??!??!

Second, who's whining?

Detective Bookman on Seinfeld was pretty funny.
Betty White is hill-larry-us!

Okay, here comes my whine, why couldn't she be on a better show like 'Modern Family' instead.

was hilarious... when Homer asked for the phone book for Hokkaido, Japan and then claims he's borrowing the phone to make a local call and pushed about 20 numbers... the librarian disappears rather than telling Homer to stop... that's awesome!

if the blub said, "Betty White will play a heavily-tattooed Twittering librarian," that would also be awesome. but chasing overdue books is tiresome, in every situation.