Beall's List of Predatory, Open-Access Publishers, 2012 edition.

I've just published the 2012 edition of Beall's List of Predatory, Open-Access Publishers. It's available on my blog and in a PDF version. [HTML version]'s%20List%20of%20Predatory,%20Open-Access%20Publishers%202012.pdf [PDF Version] Jeffrey Beall, Metadata Librarian / Assistant Professor Auraria Library University of Colorado Denver 1100 Lawrence St. Denver, Colo. 80204 USA (303) 556-5936 [email protected]


Bravo to Jeffrey Beall for this very valuable service to all those who really care about removing the many obstacles from the path of Open Access.

Stevan Harnad

I was contacted about a month ago by the Institute of Advanced Scientific Research to contribute an article for a future conference, but I figured it was bogus because none of their listed areas of research included my particular area of expertise which is Batman.

But seriously, I did get 2 emails requesting papers. I think I deleted them because I can't find them now.

How about Elsevier? They charge $3000 to make an article open access, and yet still charge libraries the same subscription fees to get access to the same articles (since they are included in the same issues as the other closed access articles)? Is that not "predatory"?

I totally agree with you! Looks like Beall is benefiting from publishers like Elsevier to rage a ware against open access journals!

Anon I know what you mean but when you have a subscription to Elsevier titles, or indeed the larger groups like the Freedom collection the number of OA papers you are paying for twice is rather tiny to the access you have even if 'you is the taxpayer.

The fact that in the UK there is the open willingness to pay for this form of OA rather than going for a NIH styled blanket free after x amount of time policy shows you where the money is being wasted.
Governments need to get their act together and just tell the publishers that if they want to keep getting their papers, editorial work and peer review from government funded scientists and researchers then they have to give up on their exceptation of this additional revenue stream (which is what it really is to them for the 'work' involved'. It's not like it's self funding like pure OA, it's practically all profit as it's part of their normal work.

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L. Jones said:

Please read Jeffrey Beall's email to all the publisher's who names are included in the list. It is now clear that what Jeffrey Beall has done is to get famous and get money from the publishers by blackmailing publishers and demanding US$5000 each for excluding their names from the list. This person is doing this criminal activity to gain money. He does not know in a real sense anything about publication.
NATURE should take action against him or soon the publisher's will file a case against this person and NATURE for spreading false information about their companies.

Subject: Open Access Publishing
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2012 17:39:18 +0000
From: Jeffrey Beall

I maintain list of predatory open access publishers in my blog

Your publisher name is also included in 2012 edition of my predatory open access publishers list. My recent article in Nature journal can be read below

I can consider re-evaluating your journals for 2013 edition of my list. It takes a lot my time and resources. The fee for re-evaluation of your publisher is USD 5000. If your publisher name is not in my list, it will increase trustworthiness to your journals and it will draw more article submissions. In case you like re-evaluation for your journals, you can contact me.

Jeffrey Beall

Anyone can see that the text of the letter is from one who is a non-native english speaker. But post the original screenshot of the letter's source code (with a link to an image file) and i will believe that this letter came from [email protected]

Somebody already posted pictures of the email with the real name. Just google "5000USD enough to get off Bealls list".

For a comprehensive high quality Open Text journals please visit

Presently, it covers nearly 800 high quality journals and the list will be updated on a regular basis.

Here are some of their results

Open text journals for Finance , Last updated, January 5
The best performer is Journal of Finance
Summary: Based on our survey, h-index, g-index and high-index numbers for Journal of Finance are 161, 292 and 3389, respectively. In our ranking Journal of Management comes second in ranking with h-index, g-index and high-index numbers of 92, 184, 8041, respectively.

Mechanical engineering open text journals , Last updated, January 3 2013
The best performer is Journal of Robotics
Summary: Based on our survey, h-index, g-index and high-index numbers for Journal of Robotics are 193, 302 and 2344, respectively. In our ranking Mechanical Sciences comes second in ranking with h-index, g-index and high-index numbers of 133, 196, 1162, respectively.

Electerical engineering open text journals , Last updated, January 5
The best performer is Optoelectronics
Summary: Based on our survey, h-index, g-index and high-index numbers for Optoelectronics are 253, 423 and 4545, respectively. In our ranking VLSI Design comes second in ranking with h-index, g-index and high-index numbers of 119, 183, 996, respectively.

Hope this site and Jeffry Beals' information could help detect best and worst cases.


According to the acts/laws of Indian Government as Section 66A of the IT Act which is a relevant section penalizing ‘sending false and offensive messages through communication services’.
The section reads as a person involved in sending offensive messages like
• any information that is grossly offensive or has menacing character; or
• any information which he knows to be false, but for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, danger, obstruction, insult, injury, criminal intimidation, enmity, hatred or ill will, persistently by making use of such computer resource or a communication device,
• any electronic mail or electronic mail message for the purpose of causing annoyance or inconvenience or to deceive or to mislead the addressee or recipient about the origin of such messages.
Mr.Beall may serve scientific society with his blog on predatory publishers but there were identities of his offences demanding money from publishers. You can find them in the URL given below

If Beall J is really strong about his statements then i would suggest him to proceed legally on Nature or Elsevier and some other journals who complained that he had demanded them US$ 5000 to remove their journals from predatory list.

He is just trying to make money by blackmailing the publishers who are publishing open access journals for helping researchers like us to get more and more review of literature on their tips.

We must protest against such a fake person.

Several Fake Conference Organizers and Several Fake Journals are not in the Jeffrey Beall's pseudo-list.

Several Fake Conference Organizers and Several Fake Journals are not in Jeffrey Beall's list.

Elsevier charges 3000 USD to publish in its open access journals and Elsevier was caught for running 6 fake medical journals (i.e. Medical Journals with Fake Statistics for the promotion of biomedical and pharmaceutical products: Google: Fake Journals Elsevier)

Isn't ELSEVIER a predatory publisher Mr. Beall or did they bribe you???

More Details

You can find easily that Several Fake Conference Organizers (IASTED, WESSEX.AC.UK and Several Fake Journals ELSEVIER, HINDAWI, AMERICAN INSTITUE OF PHYSICS are not in the Jeffrey Beall's pseudo-list.
Aren't IASTED, WESSEX.AC.UK, ELSEVIER, HINDAWI, AMERICAN INSTITUE OF PHYSICS a predatory publishers Mr. Beall or did they bribe you???

Mr. Beall, do you intend to attend a M.Sc. programme or to elaborate a Ph.D. ? You must do it. You a have a fake title (Professor in a junk-university in USA) and you must have Master and Ph.D. otherwise you re not scholar and you are not university professor, but a ridiculous carricature of the web.
Several important scholars (Prof. Nicola Bellomo, Prof. Maria Ek Styven, Prof. Joe Wang, Mr. Adiwinata et..) believe that the role of Jeffrey Beall is strange, dark or even criminal. His list is spurious.

The Open letter of Prof. Nicola Bellomo against Jeffrey Beall has been published in our blog, but now
several serious blogs republish it:
Google: Nicola Bellomo Jeffrey Beall
One more blog, this time hosted in Princeton University, considers the Jeffrey Beall's activities as criminal and felonious
One more blog, this time hosted in Princeton University, considers the Jeffrey Beall's activities as criminal and felonious. Will you believe an official site of Princeton University or a Librarian without M.Sc. and without Ph.D.
Signature: Princeton University · Princeton, New Jersey 08544 USA,
Several important blogs and independent university professors declare in public: Jeffrey Beall's list is of zero value
Several other blogs and posts believe that Jeffrey Beall's list is of ZERO VALUE

1) Jeanne Pawitan · Works at "Histology" told for Jeffrey Beall

Jeanne Pawitan: About Mr Beall's list, some parts are true, as there are many predatory journals, but there are also a lot that do not deserve to be in his list.
recently, I found some website that discredited Mr Beall, here are some: (Search: Beall) (Search: Beall)

I tried to paste websites like this into Mr beall's website, but unfortunately they are removed, instead of defending himself. This make me think that all this counter-webs may contain true information, and Mr Beall does not want that the whole world know about it.


2) Several scholars in the blog:
prove that Jeffrey Beall is a highly unethical person

3) Robin Hood writes in the blog:
"...The true predators in science publishing are not those listed in Beall’s list, although those are small-time thugs indeed, in the majority of cases, but ratrher the exploratory big publishers who strike deals with the academic community to ensure their long-term survival and profits..."
Obviously he did not know the relations of Jeffrey Beall with Taylor and Francis, Elsevier, AICIT, IASTED, Hindawi, American Institute of Physics and all these really predatory publishers.

4) Elsevier fake journals (i.e. Elsevier Medical Journals with made-up statistics, intentionally, to promote pharmacheutical products and drugs).
Scientific publishing giant Elsevier put out a total of six publications between 2000 and 2005 that were sponsored by unnamed pharmaceutical companies and looked like peer reviewed medical journals, but did not disclose sponsorship, the company has admitted. Elsevier is conducting an "internal review" of its publishing practices after allegations came to light that the company produced a pharmaceutical company-funded publication in the early 2000s without disclosing that the "journal" was corp:
Elsevier charges 1750-2500 USD for a publication in its open access Journals.
Jeffrey Beall refuses to include Elsevier in his controversial and zero value list.
Elsevier use Spam for its promotion (like Taylor and Francis). We have added this information as comments in the Jeffrey Beall blog but he removed the comments protecting his beloved enterprises Elsevier and Taylor and Francis
Google: Elsevier Fake Journals
(but no reaction by Jeffrey Beall)

Jeffrey Beall black listed Hindawi and Versita Open and after “negotiation”, he removed the publishers name from his black list
Jeffrey Beall work as a librarian at Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver, in Denver, Colorado. He maintains a list of open access journals and publishers.
He includes lot of good journals as list of Predatory publishers in his web page. He will write rubbish about the journals for particular period of time then email the publisher for negotiation. If the publisher agrees to pay him, he will remove the publisher from his predatory list. Since the growing and well reputed open access journals is taking the revenue of closed access publishers, he has been doing this scam for a long time and is backed by closed access journals community.
For example he black listed Hindawi and Versita Open and after “negotiation”, he removed the publishers name from his black list. This guy publish his “great research” works with the help of his supporters. He had published an article in “XYZ” and it can be accessible in the Internet.
The readers posted comments about his real face and “XYZ’s websites. Since XYZ is a strong backer of him, removed those comments from its web pages. THE XYZ is a one of the leading closed Access Publisher.

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