Bandwidth Shaper Slows Porn in Greensboro Public Library

SafeLibraries Points The Way to a mention of shaping in this article: Library computer users viewing porn anger parents. “It’s not filtering it,” said Tommy Joseph, manager of technology and reference at the library. “It’s discouraging it.”


... from the box of Chex Mix that Dan did.

According to the company, the system monitors how much traffic comes from streaming video, http, e-mail, DNS, etc.

Which is kind of like saying you have a system that deters car theft by buying a $5000 machine that tells you, yup, there's a car driving there. Yup, there's another.

Or, on in other words, you and the PC Puritan squad just paid taxpayer money for information you ISP can give you for free and services your IT staff could do for what you already pay them.

Not to mention that "slowing" streaming video is going to righteously piss off people trying to take courses on line or just trying to use the Internet like it's 2009.

And you wonder why people aren't clamoring to give you and the rest of the cast of "The Crucible" more control over municipal government.

Aren't there bare breasts down at the art museum you should be covering up, or something?

Thanks to Norman Oder of the Library Journal, we see bandwidth shapers in other libraries too. See "Faced with Too Little Bandwidth, Some Libraries Limit Streaming Media, Porn; Aim is to Ensure Access to ILS, Databases," by Norman Oder, Library Journal, 24 November 2009.


If it actually works I'll be 5 kinds of stunned. None of the documentation has enough detail to indicate that it can work apart from slowing easily-identified targets like youtube and myspace.

Dan, if you think all porn comes from websites like you have no idea how powerful and devious your enemy is.