Bad Book Donation


AZ Central has an Almost comical Story on a huge donation of worthless books.

\"What would happen if someone donated 15,000 books to Gilbert\'s library and nearly all of them had the same title?

Librarians are finding out the hard way this week as they sort through a loading dock full of books that arrived as part of a Cracker Barrel restaurants promotion. \"The gift includes 11,796 copies of a preschool book titled What Would Happen If . . . . The rest of the gift is just as useless, including 1,000 Quick and Easy Pasta paperbacks, hundreds of outdated textbooks and 200 copies of How To Use Microsoft Windows 95. The Maricopa County Southeast Regional Library had agreed under pressure in December to take the books after it was accused of ingratitude for questioning whether the books would really be usable.

The library\'s director predicted then that it could be stuck with thousands of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. He wasn\'t that far off.

\"Obviously, we\'re disappointed,\" Maricopa County Library Director Harry Court-right said. \"We can find a creative way of doing something with the children\'s books . . . but Windows 95 is of no value to anybody.\"