Augmented Reality to Be a $732 Million Market by 2014?

Hype around augmented reality, a technology that can superimpose graphics or information over the real world in your phone’s viewfinder, is at a fever pitch. But can it deliver the revenues?

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"Augmented Reality to Be a $732 Million Market by 2014?"
November 26, 2009, NYT
"...There are still also a number of design issues to overcome. The use case is physically uncomfortable. It can be easier to look something up in a conventional map application than to constantly hold your phone at eye-level to see augmented reality tags."

"Novel Now, but Not for Long"
November 25, 2009 NYT

"...PICO PROJECTORS The first pico projector hit the market late last year: a pocketable, rechargeable, iPod-size box that could project a six-foot image onto a wall, a sheet or an airplane ceiling (my favorite). This year, several rivals appeared — and now companies have started building projectors into other gadgets."

... to obvious questions.

No, it almost certainly can't.