I found a site so cool, I added a new topic. If you\'re
in NE Ohio you already know about this cool site.
is an on-line library with a twist, it allows online chats
with librarians from local libraries.
This is such a damn cool idea. Not just because it allows
librarians to work from home, but because of the level of
service delivered to customers. Are more libraries doing
\" is a service developed by 15 public
libraries and the NOLA Regional Library System.  Through the
service patrons from participating libraries can talk with
live experienced reference librarians on the Internet from
8:00 PM until 12:00 PM (EST) Sunday - Thursday.\"

And a
cool domain name to boot!From the \"How It Works\" Page: is
service provided by libraries for their patrons.  Reference
librarians are available Sunday - Thursday from 8:00 PM
until 12:00 PM Eastern time.  During this time patrons from
participating libraries can connect and work collaboratively
with a reference librarian.
To make this service possible uses
specialized software that allows patrons to directly
communicate with our operators.  The features available to
you depend on the web browser you are using and the speed of
your Internet connection.  Users working with Microsoft
Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher or Netscape 4.5 or higher
will be able to make use of the most full-featured version
of our service which uses either Active X or Java technology
to provide chat, shared web browsing, assisted form filling
and more.  Users of older web browsers will be able to make
use of the HTML version of our system which does have some
feature limitations.   

Soon users with fast internet connections will be able to
speak directly to an operator using advanced Voice Over IP