Anti-Porn Activist Campaigns Against Niles Library Trustee

From the Chicago Tribune: Anti-pornography activist Megan Fox created a 2:30 video urging Niles IL residents to vote against incumbent trustee Linda Ryan.

In the video, which was posted on Fox's YouTube channel on March 11, she accuses Ryan of voting to allow child pornography on library computers. On Nov. 19, the library board voted to add content filters on adult computers that would block all nudity and pornography. At the time, viewing pornography was already against library policy.

During the meeting, Ryan was one of the trustees who voted against the filtering policy, arguing that it went too far, getting in the way of patrons' ability to access information. Fox used the clips from the meeting to suggest that Ryan would be fine with child pornography. In the video, she also insisted that American Library Association's policy were putting children in danger.


Chicago Tribune got the story wrong. That paper has for over a year of reporting on Megan Fox consistently and obviously intentionally left out that the issue is child porn. Leaving out that the issue is child porn puts a spin on every story Chicago Tribune writes. The spin is that Megan Fox is a prude and libraries are perfectly fine when they make porn available. The reality is that Megan Fox is exposing child porn, and besides, libraries are breaking the law when they make porn available, depending on the state law applicable. In Illinois, they are breaking the law.

"In the video, she also insisted that American Library Association's policy were putting children in danger." You do understand that ALA policy is that librarians are not judges so they may not determine what is child pornography, right? Chicago Tribune never reports that even though it is written in ALA's guidelines for how libraries should write policy.

If a library trustee supports ALA diktat on allowing child porn over her own state's law that precludes all porn in public libraries, then that is someone who is violating the public trust, correct? Megan Fox is allowed to speak out on that, correct? It's wrong for Chicago Tribune to spin stories to hide the child porn issue, correct?

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