Annoyed Librarian Sells Out, Starts Blogging for LJ


Library Journal has made a big linkbaiting move, and recruited The Annoyed Librarian to write at

David Lee King and others, say "I Don't Trust the Library Journal." Over on twitter 2 LJ columnists "will need to consider [their] options as an LJ columnist."

DLK asked, "do you respect a publication that allows one of their writers to be anonymous, when that anonymity has been used in the past to attack other librarians and the work they do?"


Anonymity isn't bad - and I liked reading the AL even though I didn't always agree.

The fact that the AL decided to go to LJ doesn't surprise me, after all, if YOU were paid to blog, wouldn't you do it?

I think the library profession needs a devil's advocate - the AL does that, and now this individual can get paid to do it!

DLK supports anonymous posting if you are very polite and nice and only try to make friends???
Then what's the point of being anonymous?
Either you support everyone's right to privacy or you don't; you don't make rules that privacy is only for anyone who has nothing to hide.

DLK should support everyone's right to keep their true natures to themselves,... unless he secretly doesn't. DLK, if that's your real name, what are you hiding??!!

read my blog post on this!!! leave a comment that it was funny!! even if you don't mean it!!!

With this move LJ has gone from unreadable and irrelevant to slightly less unreadable and irrelevant.

He can't possibly be worse than the other columnists.

I'm a European librarian and have read the Annoyed Librarian with horror. Rude, bigoted, thoughtless and thoroughly unpleasant. I think I prefer the glasses and bun stereotype to be honest. Why do some people think it's so clever to hate, or be sarcastic, or try and pull others down? I have no respect for this individual or the LJ for the hire.

Rude, bigoted, thoughtless and thoroughly unpleasant. It seems someone's work is done.


Was that a description of LISNews or the Annoyed Librarian?

Can't wait to jump over to her site and read her take on this. Come on people, isn't the blogger-as-journalist issue all part of the great big carousel of Web 2.0 progress?

I've got a pretty good idea who the AL is (or, if it's a collective of people--which I don't necessarily believe--who one of them is). She's given enough clues and made enough slip-ups that, once I figured it out, I wondered why I hadn't known all along. If the AL is who I think she is, she's young (but over 30), is fairly involved with ALA, and--horror of horrors!--was an LJ Mover and Shaker under her real identity. She's also one of the most attention-hungry people I've ever met in my life, and I figured it out when I thought "why does she not have a blog so she can get some extra attention...oh wait..."

And yep, she's just as smug in person as she is online. Some of her blog may be an act, but that part isn't. And it will crack my shit up when somebody outs her someday, but it's not going to be me.

Read the monograph when it comes out.

You may think you know the AL, but who really knows the AL?

... just kidding... but the attention was fun for a moment, wasn't it?

I wonder if it will do it again?

And here I thought you liked what you wrote so much you just posted things twice.

I have been named and belittled in the AL blog. The few times I have posted I responded with my name. The article-- "On Anonymity in Libraryland Blogging" by John Buschman, Mark Rosenzweig & me; Progressive Librarian Issue no. 29, Summer 2007--pretty much sums up what I think on this.
-- Kathleen de la Peña McCook

I have been named and insulted on here.

Some people just don't like what I have to say. I don't get my knickers in a twist about it.

Some people think I am a putz, some don't; no matter if I am anoymous or not, so I just put my name on what I write, if you want to call me names you may as well know who I am. That sums up what I think on this.

The AL and I do share a number of opinions though. I have never been called a putz by the AL. I wonder why.

I find Al: amusing (oft time hilarious), informative, intelligent, stilted, thought provoking, reasonable, occasionally arrogant, definitely not stuffy or uptight, but direct & to the point.

Much of what she has to say is tongue in cheek but pretty accurate...which means I mostly agree with what she has to say. AL has me reading "professional" offerings, which I usually do not, for most other Librarian proffered blogs bore me to tears (all that old hat dogma). She gets me thinking about things that normally I wouldn't.

The fact she gets paid for writing her blog...well Hell I wish I was paid for the blog I publish (even if it is only on Yahoo 360) gives me hope that the library world is not as dowdy, uptight & stuffy as we present ourselves to be. Obviously she is widely gosh have you seen the number of responses her blog gets?

Good for Al...let's stir the pot up more...whoo hoo.

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