An Oddly Modern Antiquarian Bookshop


A tiny shop in Toronto, specializing in the arcane and the absurd, may just be publishing’s great new hope.
“This isn’t the store where you’ll find the book you were looking for,” Fowler says. “It’s the store where you’ll find the book you didn’t know you were looking for.” You may find something else surprising at the Monkey’s Paw, too: a glimpse of the future, a way forward for the old-fashioned bookstore in the age of the iPhone and the e-book.


This little hardbound edition of “Life-Spark Stories” isn’t just weird — it is exceptionally rare. You won’t find a copy in Barnes & Noble; it’s not in the catalog of the Library of Congress or the British Library. “Let me put it this way,” says Stephen Fowler, owner of the Monkey’s Paw bookshop. “This book is more rare than a Gutenberg Bible. It’s more rare than Shakespeare’s first folio. If you want to see a first folio of Shakespeare, you can just go to the Huntington Library and see one. But where can you go to see this book?”

Looks like someone may have digitized the book. I think this is the book for the Kindle.

How many vanity-published books would this idea of rarity and value emcompass?

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