Amazon’s markup of digital delivery to indie authors is ~129,000%

Amazon’s markup of digital delivery to indie authors is ~129,000%

This post is about the where the sales of the book are coming from, and why Amazon takes 48% of digital book sales. Surprising eh? I thought Amazon was the BEST for indie authors, right? We will get into that later.

The book had a great launch, even getting to the #1 Hot Releases spot for for the travel section.


I hope in the author's book they get to the point quicker than they did in this blog post.

Summary: Author is charged additional $2.58 charge on each ebook they sell because the book is 18mb (contains lots of photos) and Amazon has to pay the carriers (Sprint etc) for the bandwidth.

Most ebooks are half a megabyte and the charge for wireless delivery up to a megabyte is 15 cents. So most independent authors publishing on Amazon incur a 15 cent charge that is deducted from their sale price. Ohh the humanity.

If you don't want to sell through the biggest marketplace, with the best recognised name and where most people online would go to buy their books noone is making you.

Personally I'd always go for the pdf version as you can move it between all your devices more easily depending on the book (fact/fiction) and where I might want to use it.

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