ALL FL State Aid Funding For Public Libraries To Be Eliminated

On March 10, appropriations committees in the Florida House and Senate adopted positions eliminating all funding for Florida’s State Aid to Public Libraries program. This devastating action will result in some Florida library branches closing and will seriously cripple libraries’ ability to serve Floridians. Libraries have already taken their share of local and state budget cuts. This will be especially damaging to libraries in Florida’s rural communities, as these libraries rely heavily on provisions in the program that help communities with lower tax bases.

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Traditional libraries are being supplanted by internet resources. Resources that are often more current, specialized and widely available at an astonishingly low cost.

The brick-and-mortar building with attendant upkeep, and stock maintenance and personnel costs, are simply not competitive with a computer and internet access.

Even CD's and DVD's provide enormous storage at a huge cost savings. And they're portable.

It's as sad as the end of the horse and buggy, but it's going to happen.

Wow, I heard that same logic back in the internet bubble of the 90's and 2000. Brick and mortar stores are things of the past. Everyone will shop on line. I guess Walmarts didn't get the memo. Libraries are more than places where books are stored and loaned. They are a place of local interaction. A place of lectures. A place of education. A place of town meetings. A place of discussion and a place for debate.

"The brick-and-mortar building...are simply not competitive with a computer and internet access."

That is, if one can afford a computer and the cost of internet access. Where do people go if they can't afford this...the public library. A brick and mortar building. If that building is not there, where do they go? Sure, wi-fi is available in an increasing number of places, but if you have no computer what do you do? Or if you do have a computer, but you live in a rural area where it's nearly impossible to get dependable AND affordable internet access, what do you do? If you truly believe 'print is dead/dying rapidly', then surely you must realize that it goes from the top (the rich) to the bottom (the poor). There is no instantaneous digital switch to flip. Assuming that print will die (and I'm not), then as long as there are those issues with internet access and more and more services move online, there will be a need for the public library.

... sure I can afford those multi-thousand dollar research database subscriptions for my personal use.

start collecting, catagorizing, and distributing porn.

Then they could charge a (not so) modest fee and because self sufficient.

In that, they could even become competetive with the internet.

Think outside (your) box.

That should make for interesting storytimes...

Destroying the library system would be consistent with Charlie Crist's other wrongheaded initiatives. He's gutted the public schools (Florida now aspires to Mississippi), destroyed development (SWFWMD is a regulator's wet dream), and socialized criminal defense (because the first public defender office works so well, why not try two).

Good bye, Charlie. The very few of us who still have jobs will stick around and clean up your mess.

From Ontario Canada... Visit your local library.. Florida politicians should know that Andrew Carnegie would turn over in his grave. If you don't know why visit your library. Canadians are increasing their funding to libraries and renewing their Carnegie Libraries and traffic is way up due to people improving themselves in their own communities. In Florida those communities with culture will prevail.

Well, this should finally finish the dumbing down of Florida residents. With no more access to books, magazines, newspapers, and such, it should be no time at all before Florida is an even dumber state than Kansas.

Three cheers for the State of Florida. Books are such rubbish. And vastly over valued. The internet is the place for reading. Each user can be closely monitored, and his readings evaluated for the overall good of society. Books are for thrill seekers and scalawags. They best be kept behind closed and locked doors. Close down there arenas of knowledge, and make my life easier.

Captain Beatty
Local Fire Brigade

Sadly, most of the people here don't get the Fahrenheit 451 reference.

The internet is NOT an adequate replacement for actual libraries. Anyone who has ever used both the internet and a library for actual research would know this from simple experience. Most of the information available in library books and periodicals is NOT available through the internet; you need to go and purchase or borrow the actual books and periodicals. But I guess we can't expect sensible comments about the value of libraries from those who obviously rarely or never use them.

And by that I mean that someone, probably one of you anonymous commenters, submitted this posting to with this headline:

"In a novel and long overdue attempt to preserve the Florida tag for future generations, Florida moves funding for public libraries from non-fiction to fiction section of the state budget " Thread here

Comments there are similar and possibly nsfw (no guarantees)

way to go florida. go red state go!

a little further and you may as well secede. What's next, funding for christian schools only?

I guess Florida doesn't like education. then again, who needs to be smart when you have, um, gators?

Home schoolers, which tend to be a very Christian bunch, use public libraries to supplement their home schooling. So using public tax dollars they are able to conduct Christian, anti-homosexual, anti-diversity education.

To maintain the separation of church and state we need to close all public libraries to prevent this from happening. The only place that should have libraries is public schools and if you don't go to public school you should not be allowed to use the library.

What do people over the age of 18 need with books? We all forgot how to read around that time anyway, am I right? Sure, sometimes I wish that I knew how to read that deer skinning manual, but the pictures will do until I have a kid who can read it for me.

shit like this just shouldnt happen... There has to be a cause not from lack of public funds but organizations such as barnes maximizing their profits

Here's a related consequence:

Starting during Gov. Jeb Bush's reign, our Republican legislatures have been busy decimating Florida's social service programs. Most of the state offices where people used to apply for government assistance, with the help of trained state employees, have been closed. People who need to apply for welfare have been told to go to the public library and use the computers there to apply.

Of course, when they arrive, they expect library staff to answer questions about welfare forms and sometimes get angry when we don't know all the answers and can't sit with them during the entire application process.

And now, after the Florida legislature sent that huge eGov burden to libraries, they want to cut library funding. Tax cuts for the rich aren't working for me.

The dumbing down of America.

Everyone should remember that the more ignorant we become, the more likely we are to accept our fate. Slaves to the Man.

This article is proof that every single comments section on every single website available online will degenerate into a pointless argument between internet tough guys within the first several posts.

As a Canadian who really has nothing to do with this, I'd like to pipe in and suggest that reducing access to learning materials in a state with a global reputation for containing uneducated people is fairly ridiculous. Of course, it makes sense when you consider that Florida-born government officials all went through the same education system themselves, so you can't really fault them for their idiocy.

...this is exactly why I often wish I were Canadian.

-An intelligent Floridian (there are a few of us down here)

We don't need libraries, or even the public education system! It's all so overrated really, all we need are teabaggers and talk radio!

Seriously, Florida, this is what you get when you vote republican.

You're going to make an intelligent, Democrat-voting Floridian cry now.

I'm always surprised by the number of posts on this libraries and librarians-centered blog, that are completely anti-libraries. What an interesting phenomenon.

Really, now... So only rich counties will have libraries and the poor will be left to languish in their own poverty. Not being able to afford to read a book and open their imagination and ask the question "why?". It's a terrible thing.

I personally hate doing research over the internet because, quite honestly, there is so much crap out there by nitwits who think they know what they're talking about. In order to conduct proper research over the internet, you need to join a college library (which costs you) or a site which has reference materials on file (again, will cost you).

Aside from that, it's impossible to find some resources on the internet unless they are popular sources. But what about someone who wants to study Assyrian sculpture and bass relief? Yeah, not too sure you'll get too far for free on the internet. And good luck finding those books written by the original archaeologists inthe 1850's. Well, I suppose that's an extreme example.

Sure, the internet is great for games and Facebook and all that, but serious research? Wikipedia? Really??

At a time where we are struggling economically, educationally, scientifically, mathematically and in almost every coneiveable way we measure 1st world civilization, now is not the time to cut funding to libraries, but to ensure that this resource is available to all people and all ages.

I'm a novelist who lives in Florida and I for one am mad as can be at this. It's time to show how you feel by voting someone ELSE into office instead of the 90 year old republicans who's been in there since the 1950s.

Funny, how come I never read about funding to the police being cut. It's all a ruse people. The government wants to forever increase its police powers. For instance, it is law that every person ARRESTED on a felony charge have a DNA swab taken and put on file. That is for arrestees, not convictions. The police can use force to get the swab from you. And there is no provision for if you are wrongfully arrested. (So even if they clearly arrest the wrong person, or there was no crime being committed, the DNA sample stays on file forever.)

Police don't stop crime. The only way to prevent crime, is for every person to be monitored at all times, ala 1984.

So why isn't finding for cops cut back too?

Looking for people who would be willing to hold "Save out Libraries" signs at the Capitol on Tuesday 3/16/2010. If interested contact me at [email protected] or visit my new blog about State Aid in Florida at Thanks

I for one am for the funding of public libraries and other community based resources in which children can learn and grow. Literacy is a very important to me and my family. I only wish that everyone could realize how much of a role that a public library can play in a community.
A public library offers a variety of educational outlets for its community.
Libraries are not just buildings housing books and computers. Many educational materials are offered at libraries. Chances are if you have a child or go to school at some point in the near future you will need to use a library. Libraries offer: books, CDs, DVDs, periodicals, micro-fiche, magazines, newspapers, vertical file, maps, brochures, e-books, computers, and educational literacy based software, community history, genealogy materials, reference materials, and other community/educational materials.
Some of the services that libraries offer are: Story time, community literacy outreach to schools and dare cares, adult literacy, books for shut-ins, materials for visually impaired people, e-library services, computer classes, some libraries offer car registration renewal, voter registration, voting precinct, meeting rooms, test proctoring, material loan services, and many other valuable services.
Library computers are more than just free internet access to casually surf the web and check your Face book account. You need the internet to file for unemployment; public assistance, social security, as well as many jobs require an online application to be submitted. Not to mention job searching is no longer something to be pursued using a newspaper. If you are seeking gainful employment you will most certainly need internet access because a large number of companies exclusively post ads online.
A library is a building of knowledge and never ending information.
If you have not been in a library lately, then maybe now is a good time to get a library card.
Not to mention cutting all state funded library assistance and potentially closing libraries in communities in rural areas will cost even more people their jobs which means more people on unemployment and public assistance which really won't fix any budget problems at all.
Overall, I wish everybody would just try to not be so political about everything and stop straying so far away from the main topic here, (saving our libraries).
Please help in any way you can. Please email, call, or write letters to the state of Florida before it is too late! This will be voted on March 19th.
Governor, Legislative Leadership & Key Committees
You can also use Cap Wiz to Contact legislators and leaders -

Governor Charlie Crist - [email protected] / (850) 488-7146

House Leadership
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Rep. Dean Cannon (r) – Represents part of Orange County – Speaker designate 2011-12 – [email protected] / District (407) 623-5740 / Tallahassee (850) 488-2742
Rep. Will Weatherford (r) – Represents parts of Hillsborough & Pasco Counties – Speaker designate 2013-14 - [email protected] / District (813) 558-5115 / Tallahassee (850) 488-5744
Rep. David Rivera (r), Chair of the Full Appropriations Council on Education & Economic Development – Represents parts of Broward, Collier, & Miami-Dade Counties – [email protected] / District (305) 227-7630 / Tallahassee – (850)-488-7897

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