A Scholarly Treasure Within a Treasure

Larocque Marce writes:

A Manuscript Written on the Margins of a Book will be
available to the worldThe
National Library of Canada
has microfilmed
and sent to a Jerusalem publisher, a valuable 18th
century Hebrew printed
text containing 112 annotated pages of manuscript
commentary. \"The entire Torah world will thank you for
your gracious assistance in bringing these annotations
to light\", stated Rabbi Yosef Buxbaum, Dean of Machon
Yerushalayim, The Jerusalem Institute of Talmudic
Research, in a letter to Roch Carrier, the National
Librarian of Canada. The scholarly Jerusalem publishing house will bring to
light these
previously unknown annotations as part of a critical
edition of Noda\'
bi-Yehudah. The original printed text is Ezekiel
Landau\'s Noda\'
bi-Yehudah, printed in Prague in 1776, and the
annotations are of his
disciple Isaac Grishaber. The original document is part
of the National
Library of Canada\'s Jacob M. Lowy Collection of rare
Hebraic and Judaic
\"The National Library of Canada is proud to be part of
this important
project,\" said Roch Carrier. \"We have made every effort
to enable this
material to be brought to the attention of the scholarly
community. At the
same time, we have taken all measures to ensure the
integrity and
preservation of the original document.\"
Rabbi Ezekiel Landau was widely influential as Chief
Rabbi of Prague, and is
regarded as one of the great 18th century authorities on
Jewish law. His
disciple, Rabbi Isaac Grishaber was a Rabbi in Paks,
Hungary, and is the
author of a treatise on dietary law, Makel No\'am, 1799.
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