A Revamping of Bing in the Battle for Search Engine Supremacy

A Microsoft-Facebook alliance plans an overhaul of Bing in an effort to loosen Google’s grip on the search engine market.

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One thing to really use Bing for is their maps. They have a bird's eye feature that is great. See this library in Hilliard, OH. Drag the picture around with the mouse. You can basically do a flyover of the library. If you are describing roads or places to park this bird's eye view is great.

fersure fersure I alway Bing a map before I Google it. Right now you can't beat the bird's eye thing.

Thanks for the link; this is a superior view of topography up close.

Horse standing on red chair outside library (Bird's eye view)

View from the ground of horse on chair

I typed in my library's address, and at first I thought it looked really cool. When I zoomed in, however, it looked like they were using failry old data. The business park right next to us appeared to be a lot under construction, and those businesses have been open for 10+ years at this point.

Everythings Amazing & Nobodys Happy

Louis CKs comment on this

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