A look at author Tom Robbins


CNN has a nice long look at Author Tom Robbins HERE

The story covers his life story, and goes into depth on his books and fans. Even a serious Robbins fan might learn a thing or two from this one.

\"Writers can be defined by their fans. Die-hard Tom Robbins fans dwell in the outer reaches of the Internet, swapping recipes inspired by his books. They trade his novels on chicken buses crawling through Third World countries. They want to climb inside the books, light up a joint and join the fun. I met one of them a few years ago in a London pub. He was American, about 45 years old, with long, scraggly gray hair. We somehow got on the topic of Robbins\' books and he told me that he thought he was Alobar, a 1,000-year-old janitor that stars in Robbins\' fifth novel, \"Jitterbug Perfume.\"