“This is No Joke!” by Will Manley April 20, 2010

“This is No Joke!” by Will Manley April 20, 2010 Okay, my librarian friends, my life has gotten weird…very weird. [. . .] It gets even weirder. Today the <a href="http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2010/04/19/2010-04-19_lost_librarian_survey_reveals_1in5_have_gotten_intimate_in_the_stacks.html">New York Daily News</a> runs a news story entitled “Lost Librarian Survey Reveals 1 in 5 have gotten intimate in the stacks.” [. . .] 4. Here’s what really blows my mind. The newspapers are following the lead of the bloggers in presenting this story. In other words professional journalists are getting their news from blogs that may or may not be reliable. Don’t they care that this survey was a tongue in cheek attempt at humor? Does this worry you about the news industry and journalists in general? 5. Finally, given the fact that this survey is now all over the internet and news industry, what does it do to the image of the librarian? Does it help or hurt? Finally, please comment on any of your own thoughts about this issue as an information expert. Thanks. http://willmanley.com/2010/04/20/will-unwound-87-this-is-no-joke-by-will-manley/


Sorry for the delay in my comments. I was out having sex in the stacks.

Another thing to point out about this supposed study is that even if it was scientific (which it was not) it was done in 1992.

Journalism has really gone to the dogs. You can tell that being a "reporter" for many journalist is the process of looking around the web. What is Twitter saying, etc....

Just thing how good a journalist could be today with the tools that are available. If you could take a hardcore professional journalist from the 1940's and give them a laptop, cellphone, and digital camera just think what they would do. Not look around the Internet for news but take the laptop out into the world to gather the news and then write it up and send it in.