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You won't believe what people leave in Erie library books


You won't believe what people leave in Erie library books
They've drawn cards for birthdays and Valentine's Day. They've saved baby portraits and grade school snapshots, including one of a curly-haired lass named Kitty Senger. They've collected a ticket stub from a 1992 Michael Bolton concert and an autographed picture of Bobby Rydell. They've tried recipes for meatloaf, streusel coffeecake and "sky high biscuits" and experimented with six flavors of Jell-O desserts from a 1934 pamphlet.


Here in Finland we encountered a book a few years ago that had a slice of fatty mettwurst as a bookmark (which had destroyed the book completely, fat had corroded at least 50-70 pages). Also, I heard a story from another library that they had a patron who came running one day and asked if the book she had returned a couple days earlier is still in the shelves. It was, and when the patron browsed it, a couple hundred euros came out. She had kept them between the pages so they would be smoother, and then forgotten them. The librarians usually browse books just to see it is not broken or got wet, so they missed the money too.