You there -- Anonymous -- You Could Be Fingered by Google

A blogger stripped of her anonymity by the US courts has said she plans to sue Google for handing over her real identity.

Rosemary Port, a 29-year-old fashion student from New York, has said she will file a $15m (£9m) lawsuit against the internet giant after it complied with an order from a US court to reveal that she was behind the vitriolic "Skanks in NYC" blog.

The case erupted last week after the Manhattan Supreme Court ruled that Google must hand over the identity of the writer, who had targeted 36-year-old model Liskula Cohen online and called her a "psychotic, lying, whoring... skank".

Cohen had filed a lawsuit demanding that the writer's identity be revealed, an argument that judge Joan Madden agreed with. Guardian UK , Salon, New York Post report.

Want the site? It's now available.


I'm suing them for *not* revealing my identity. I filed a court order to have them disclose my real identity so the news services will pick it up and make me famous. But Google refuses. So I've filed a $20 million complaint for lack of damages. And after all the awful things I've said about everyone...

Rosemary Port: Our next Alexander Hamilton?

Even given the normal hyperbole that we expect high-profile lawyers to bandy about, Port’s attorney, Salvatore Strazzulo, is over the top: He compares her to Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and the other authors of the Federalist Papers, who published their thesis anonymously.

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