Yellow pages struggle with Google threat


Libraries aren't the only ones feeling the pressure from Google. YP publisher woes are symptomatic of an industry in which once vital publications -- like Encyclopedia Britannica or the Official Airline Guide -- have had to adapt to the Web. In the case of directories, high debt has compounded the challenge.

Internet giant Google and other online outlets can offer more flexible and far cheaper advertising than print media. Google also offers free listings linked to its popular maps to the small businesses on which directories depend.


Yup. I signed up to stop receiving phone books this year.

I still get them. I hate the ones that are not from the telco because they don't list every business, just those who choose to advertise. They all go straight to recycling.

Unfortunately, I find online Phone "Books" severely lacking.

I find that most of them are really sites that want to sell you a person's personal & private information.

When I look for a phone number, that's what I want a phone number and maybe even an address.....

If I happen to search Google, I get more information that I want or need...a good bit of it totally useless.

Give me the books...

Mi Takuye Oyacin

The Death of Phone Books!

I use Canada 411 online to look up numbers. Same information as the book, without the book. I only use Google when that fails or if I need something like a store location or hours.

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