Yellow Pages reaches out and touches the library

Excite News has this article on the Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages sponsoring a reading program in public libraries.

\"Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages and the Norfolk Public Library (NPL) today launched the \"Take Me to the Library\" program, encouraging adults to bring children ages K-3 to visit their local libraries. Third graders from Jacox Elementary School were captivated by the voice of actor and Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages spokesperson, James Earl Jones, as he read Grandfather\'s Journey in the children\'s reading room of the Kirn Memorial Library.\"\"Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages funded the program with a $20,000 grant, one of the few corporate sponsorships of NPL\'s activities. This donation will make the program possible, providing access to necessary resources. Literacy is a corporate-wide mission for Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages.

\"Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages shares the Norfolk Public Library\'s focus on literacy and the need to encourage children at a young age to learn about libraries,\" said Mary Jo Howe, vice president, Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages. \"We hope to foster a love of reading through this program with the help of the Norfolk Public Library. As a continual advocate of community literacy programs, Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages finds it necessary to do as much as we can to create fun and educational programs such as this one. It is our hope that the program\'s excitement will generate additional interest in this city initiative.\"

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