Worshipping George Bush

At the "Law Librarian Blog" there is a story titled: Children Worshipping George Bush Cardboard Cutout at a Jesus Camp


What does the story have to do with librarianship? Nothing that I can see. Hey "Law Librarian Blog" editors why don't you use your own personal blogs to rip on religion?

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Law professor blogs do stray away from law at times. Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, is a good example. The law librarians blog happens to follow those practices rather than the prevailing practices of the broader librarian world.

That the author of that particular post happens to be the Chief of Operations for that whole network should perhaps be considered. That is also a fairly old post of which you are complaining by roughly 15 months, too...
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Yes the story I posted to was from last year but they were ripping on Bush again on December 19, 2008 so that was not a one time event. I got no beef with them ripping on Bush or religion but they should not be do it as part of their Law Librarians blog unless it is library related. I don't think they should be politicizing the profession. If they make their comments in their own blogs that would be cool.

It is labelled "Friday Fun". Even AUTOCAT, primary home in cyberspace to catalogers, allows for such. You might find the twelfth point in this list notable: http://www.cwu.edu/~dcc/Autocat/netiquette.html

I guess I need to talk to Blake about starting a site, to tentatively be called "The Gutter", that would serve as a repository for what you are finding objectionable online. Such might be useful. I can only speculate, though.
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Law Librarians is a blog name, chosen by whoever started this group blog. It's not an official part of AALL--it's not an AALL blog. It no more represents the profession as a whole than does any other blog, particularly any other blog that isn't from an official body.

If you're saying that no blog with "librarian" or "library" in the name should have political posts, the simple answer is that it won't happen and there's no reason it should happen.

If the blog was "AALL Focus" or "Duke Law School Official Blog," you might have a point. But it isn't. It's just a blog with posts from a group of law librarians. (Librarian, Librarian 2, and Librarian.net all have political posts as well--and none of them has official status as part of The Profession either.)

"Children Worshipping George Bush Cardboard Cutout"

WoW. I thought I had heard enough :-)

Ne vous en faites pas! God & Jesus are both watching them...and will question them thoroughly when/if they get to heaven!

Yah, that's the ticket!

Mi Takuye Oyacin

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