World's Most Shocking Apology: Oprah to James Frey

Topic: There's baking soda and vinegar, gasoline and a match, acid and eyeballs and Oprah and James Frey. Or wait — should we scratch that last pair off the list? Has the notorious and telegenic feud between the two cooled? According to an article in Vanity Fair, which has been confirmed by Oprah's folks, the talk-show host recently reached out to the best-selling author she annihilated on live TV a few years ago for fibbing in his memoir.


I don't know what the hell made her even think of Frey since she tore him a new one, unless she's on some religious pilgrimage to forgive all the assholes in her life.

Oh, and the "Hold On" tattoo is on her butt.

(for those who don't know, many of Frey's believers use the "Hold on" mantra repeated in his million little pieces book when they need inner strength... some got tattoos, rumored, for added help.)

He lied. He made up massive parts of his book, he said it was all true and the massive sucess of the book was practically all because of Oprah, her book club and his being on her show.

What has she got to apologise for? I could understand if it was Frey apologising to her as part of promotion for his new book but the only people she has to apologise to is her audience!

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