World's First Color E-Book Reader Goes on Sale

Story is at I think the article title may be deceptive. I don't know if this is the first color ebook reader but it is the first color e-ink book reader. Currently the cost is very high so clearly it will not be bought by the general population. What is significant is that the color e-ink technology is out there. In time as the cost comes down textbooks with color pictures will become an option for e-ink readers. I am surprised that someone has not come into the current market with a dual screen ebook reader. One side being a black and white e-ink screen and the other screen a color LCD.


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Current eBook Readers

Do not most of the better ebook readers require very low power? LCD would not meet the expectations of that.

Brian C. Gray

I wonder if it is e-ink(TM)

There's a competing technology out there that works in a very different way, though I'd heard it was pretty far behind in production; also, low-powered LCD-like screens are starting to come out, as well.

Running Windows CE? I don't know how I feel about that.

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