Won’t You Be My Wireless Neighbor?

Op-ed piece in the NYT

FOR a long time, I relied on my Brooklyn neighbors’ generosity — that is, their unsecured wireless networks — every time I connected to the Web.

For a few blindered weeks, I debated whether or not to finally “buy” the Internet. The whole system, though, seemed wasteful: paying a company to come wire my apartment, then paying a monthly fee so that I could maintain my own private territory within the cloud of 20 or so wireless networks that were already humming around my apartment. It would be all the more wasteful given the likelihood that, just as cellphones made landlines optional, smartphones and tablets will soon replace the need for home networks at all.

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in some countries she would actually be commiting an illegal act. It's certainly happened in the UK that people have been taken to court for doing just this.

Aside of that if I were her employer I'd be bringing this up at her next review and asking why she thinks theft is ok.

Of course it's illegal

Related video from last year, funny stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0zt4opqL18

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