Women's underwear discussion now open to men, with reservations


The Lake Villa District Library had scheduled a discussion, to be led by Ellie Carlson, titled, "Unmentionables: the Rise and Fall of Ladies' Underwear," at 1 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 20.

The program was limited only to women, but as of Monday, the library had opened it to men, as well, with a caveat. A note on the library's website now says, "This program is designed for ladies only. Men may attend (but that may put a damper on the discussion!")

WLS radio has story
Chicago Tribune article
Library's website of adult programs
Presenter's website: Speaking of Unmentionables: The Rise and Fall of Ladies Underwear


Rather unfortunate wording, that.

best to avoid topics like this then.

If it's a public event it has to be open to all. If I was kicked out I'd be making a complaint.
If it is to be restricted to one group then it needs to be a private event.

all these links are in my favorites/bookmarks.... okay, seriously, how did this person find this site? the 'underwear' reference? I've never see these spam links when we write about Nancy Pearl's 'book lust.'

All this talk about women cant feel comfortable around men talking about bodily functions and underwear.. Non sense. When are we going to grow up! We still cant acknowledge the differences of the sexes without the embarrassing feelings. We can talk about everything else but we cant feel comfortable about the items of clothes you wear underneath? Is the topic so taboo that a member of the opposite sex can't hear about it? Craziness! Absolute craziness!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!

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