WMMS-FM Holds Fifty Shades of Grey Book Burning

Along with the July 18th evening news broadcast on WOIO-TV reporting that Cleveland has a population where 69% of residents are illiterate, word was also posted to the station's website about a book burning held in the suburb of Westlake relative to Fifty Shades of Grey.

Caveat lector


"Turns out the event did more to promote the book than suppress it. "


Turns out Westlake is not Cleveland, it's a separate city near Cleveland. How is the supposed 69% illiteracy rate of Cleveland relevant to an incident in a very different city?

WOIO is known for very yellow journalism as of late. The illiteracy report led right into the book burning report. Thankfully there wasn't video available to embed because it was just depressing.

The other problem is that within Cuyahoga County, the part known as Cleveland is sometimes used to identify the whole of the county. WOIO is not alone in doing that as other local media outlets there do it too. A cursory search this morning against the The Plain Dealer indicates that WOIO was using 3 year old numbers as Brett Larkin wrote that the problem still exists on a county-wide level but isn't as bad as the scaremongers at WOIO made it out to be. See: http://www.cleveland.com/opinion/index.ssf/2012/03/awful_literacy_stats_make_the.html

"it's offensive. disguting. blasphemous." and then I'll burn 20 copies of my own book. maybe I'll sell 200 from curiosity.

"Sponsored by SafeLibraries"

Funny, thanks.

NCAC Pushes Porn on Libraries; Fifty Shades of Grey Propaganda: Brevard Buckles, Harford Holds


When private citizens burn books it is an example of people exercising their first amendment rights. They are making a point by burning the book. I like to see people exercising their first amendment rights.

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