Will E-Books Really Bring Back Dickensian Lit?

A piece appearing on the <A HREF="http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1873122-1,00.html">Time magazine site</A> looks at the future of traditional and 21st century publishing and reading habits. "A lot of headlines and blogs to the contrary, publishing isn't dying. But it is evolving, and so radically that we may hardly recognize it when it's done. Literature interprets the world, but it's also shaped by that world, and we're living through one of the greatest economic and technological transformations since--well, since the early 18th century. The novel won't stay the same: it has always been exquisitely sensitive to newness, hence the name. It's about to renew itself again, into something cheaper, wilder, trashier, more democratic and more deliriously fertile than ever." The Science Fiction Blog io9 has a <A HREF="http://io9.com/5137356/will-e+books-really-bring-back-dickensian-lit-i-sorta-hope-so">shorter post summarizing</A> the Time article.
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