Wikipedia down on Wednesday to protest SOPA


Wikipedia may black out its website Wednesday to protest anti-piracy legislation under consideration in Congress.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales announced on Twitter Monday that the popular community-based online encyclopedia will shut down its English versions for 24 hours in protest. Users of the site have discussed for more than a month whether it should react to the legislation and in the past few days, tried to decide how.

The foundation behind the site, Wikimedia, says it is still collecting input from users and expects to make its final decision later Monday evening on the details of the protest based on that feedback. However, a large-scale blackout is expected at this time.

Article in the Washington Post


Here is what is on the Wikipedia site about this:

Excellent WSJ gives us the hoop jumping to get our Wikipedia non-authoritative information fix.

Wikipedia should go dark forever and people should use the library where they can talk to a degreed librarian who can direct them to authoritative information.

Seriously. Go into a library and ask a question. Librarian will type question into Google and show you what Wikipedia says.

That's what happened to me the last time I asked a question at a reference desk. The librarian pulled up Wikipedia to answer a question about an author writing under another name. I could have done that!

But seriously, if someone wants to look up a quick fact, or if it's after hours they aren't going to use a library for that.

Because all questions dealing with current affairs, popular culture etc are in a book right here right now aren't they.
People that say 'just use a book' are totally missing the point.
Use' legitimate online resources AND books' would be the correct response.

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