Wii Bowling for Seniors

From a post at Game Couch about his library's Wii Bowling program: <strong>We ran an hour-long commercial for the Wii.</strong> Or the Wii advertises itself very, very well. By the end of the program, we could have sold Wiis to most of the participants. I actually felt a little skeevy fielding questions about how much the Wii costs, how easy it is to set up, and the like. I assuaged this by ordering copies of Wii for Dummies for the system, but still wonder how many new customers Nintendo gets from programs like this and what, if anything, Nintendo is doing for libraries. Source: <a href="http://www.gamecouch.com/2010/06/wii-bowling-for-seniors/">Game Couch: Will Bowling for Seniors</a>


and can't get up, she can still keep playing because the wrist strap keeps the Wiimote from sliding across the living room floor.

I think this is selling point that Nintendo has overlooked.

After I participated in a Preconference at TLA a few years ago, I got a call from Nintendo asking if we would like to HAVE a Wii for our library game nights. We said YES, of course; there were no strings attached, and I have always made a point of telling all my teens where this nice toy came from.

Unfortunately, last Thursday, the Wii took a dive off the cart when a bouncy teen accidentally backed into it. It has now gone in for repairs (at a very reasonable $85 flat fee, including shipping).

While I'm not sure our programs (attended by teens, not seniors) have sold MANY Wiis, the presence of one at game night has certainly drawn in the kids!

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