Why should Amazon be our taste and decency policeman?

The Guardian has an interesting story on requiring Amazon.com to censor the materials they sell. "Why should Amazon be our taste and decency policeman?The online retailer has been criticised for profiting from ebooks featuring terror and violence. No one should tell us what to read."

See: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jun/26/amazon-taste-decency-policeman-ebooks-te...


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Wow, kind of misses a basic point

Amazon can do what the hell they want.

If they only want to sell books on Fishing off the Victoria Falls they can do that. If they only want to sell books on how Jesus was gay, they can do that. If they ony want to sell Ron Paul's autobiography, they can do that!

Noone is forcing you to only buy books from Amazon.
Don't like it? Don't shop there. That's true freedom.

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