Why a shift to ebooks imperils libraries

Why a shift to ebooks imperils libraries

It isn’t because libraries can’t figure out, technically, how to loan out ebooks. It’s because publishers don’t want them to, and may be able to prevent it.


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Book burners

This is the way the Nazis turned satanists will work to burn the books which last a lot longer than cyber space. Also on the internet things can be hidden like the webpage of Okla. state government about their barrels of toxic waste is now gone and can't find. The crooks can also manipulate words and sentences and change meanings of things like some of the translations of the Bible is. Crooks want us kept dumb and uneducated and the internet theft is their answer...

Don't forget the basics of

People think the books they borrow cost the libraries what they pay on Amazon or less as surely we get a discount.
People also know nothing of the restrictions, they just expect everything to be provided free of charge.

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