Why the Kindle is off my Christmas list


Zack Whittaker:

For the physical design, it looks ugly, it feels flimsy, and seems a bit tacky. You can’t even hold the device in your hand without accidently pushing one of the buttons. It’s not a case of having sausage fingers, it’s more the palms of your hands which end up mashing the buttons. Whilst I’m aware this is a technology website, I never thought I’d recommend people stick to their books rather than a device which is meant to revolutionise reading.


Everything you said is true (I own one). You could always get a Sony. Much nicer design, although no wireless.

Well...you could always:

Go to Amazon (or a bookstore) & purchase the books you want to read or go to the local public library and borrow the books you want to read!

Mi Takuye Oyacin

Zack is not the brightest bulb. He says this in his review, "You can’t even turn the damn thing off; the screen remains on all the time". Hey Zack there is a power switch on the back of the Kindle. Very clear can't miss it.

You don't HAVE to like the Kindle, but you should at least pick one up and read about it before you review it.

The device does turn off.
Font size is easily changed.
The screen does not remain on all the time.
Rowling's books are not available in any ebook format.
There are NO cell charges.
The price of the hardware could NOT cover cost of books. Think of iTunes.
Holding the device is quirky but not impossible.
Amazon has well over 200,000 books available for Kindle.
The screen is eInk, not backlit - that's the nature of the technology.
It's HIGHLY readable.
The Kindle's browser and mp3 player are perks/add-ons, and are in no way intended to kill iPods or Blackberries - obvious to anyone who has used the device.

I'm glad ZDNet has its own Stephen Glass.

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