Why Do Librarians Hate Conservatives?

Why do librarians hate conservatives? That is the question that Will Manley has put to his blog readers. It has touched off a vigorous debate. Check it out at http://willmanley.com/2010/08/04/will-unwound-193-why-do-librarians-hate-conservatives-by-will-manley/.


We don't?

For those who have not yet figured this out, Will Manley's blog is extremely hot now and has been for quite some time, basically since it started. May I suggest subscribing?


I consider myself a "moderate liberal" which I think is the same thing as a moderate conservative. I'm pro-choice, support gay equality including the right to marry, and believe in true reform of immigration laws (reform is not what has happened in AZ, BTW). I'm also Christian, though I do have problems with faith when logic interferes. I do not hate conservatives--my parents and my brothers always have and likely always will vote Republican. I mix it up a bit--mostly Democrat, some Republican.

But I'm also rather conservative fiscally--I don't have a problem with many government programs and think many are necessary, but I also think there is a huge amount of waste, still to this day, that must be addressed. I think libraries are hugely important (duh) and should be financed by taxes, as are public schools. You may not use either, but they are good for society as a whole. Even my Republican father supports that idea.

I dislike liberal mouthpieces as much as the conservative ones. I've always enjoyed Will's column in American Libraries and agree with him to a point. I'm definitely willing to listen to other POVs and do my best to purchase items in my subject areas for my academic library that cover both sides of an issue. But I think that what gets many people such as myself upset is that these people who get attention in the media on both sides of the aisle seem to think they speak for everyone and perhaps we have allowed them to. No one wants to listen to anyone else. No one wants to have an intelligent discussion about political issues supported by fact. Not all conservatives are tea baggers. Not all liberals support Obama's healthcare plan or the bailout(s). Unfortunately, no one seems to want to listen to the middle. It's very black and white in the political world and often seems that way in the library world. Some librarians are simply rabid about their beliefs (either side). I do not think the majority of librarians are like this, however.

I can not remember a time when the people of the US were more polarized than now. However, I am not old enough to remember the 1960s.

I found this article extremely interesting:

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