Why Clifford Stoll is RIGHT about the internet

Every once in a while the.effing.librarian has a good point....
Why Clifford Stoll is RIGHT about the internet:
Yet for his goofs, Stoll gave me one of the wisest pieces of wisdom, ever. On one television program, he espoused having two computers, one for online and one that never touches an outside network. Because that was the only way to guarantee that your data would be safe. One day, you'll wish you'd listened to him.


That is the best defence against losing your data from a remote attack but considering every computer comes with wifi these days you'd need to actively take actions to block yourself.

Anything he said in 1995 can't really be held up as anything. I finished my degree in 1997 and even within 3 years the ideas and theories in my thesis were overtaken by the proliferation of the internet into our homes, which back in 1995 seemed to be an impossible jump :)

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