Who Should Digitize (And Who Should Profit From) a Nation's Newspaper Archives?


Google announced last week that it was shutting down its News Archive Project. Akin to the massive Google Books project, this was a plan to digitize the world's newspaper archives and make them searchable online. But if you're worried about the digitization and preservation of British newspapers, fear not. As The Guardian reports today, the British Library is moving forward with its plans to digitize some 40 million newspaper pages from its vast 750 million collection.

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Won't be free to use those papers though as it says, it's a private company doing the scanning.
The scale of the job is utterly immense as well. Having 40 million pages is great but not much use if what you want is in the 710 million other pages.

The British Library is also moving out of Colindale and will be all gone by the end of 2012.

Pity the newspapers didn't bother doing a proper job of it themselves in the past.

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