What was the bestselling book on Amazon in (fill in the blank)

On the bestsellers page on Amazon you can now select a previous date and see what the bestselling books were at that time. It can be interesting to see what books are popular during historical events in the last decade and a half. For example: Week before Sept 11, 2001 Week after Sept. 11, 2001


I am a huge fan of Amazon.com so I was thrilled when you mentioned this additional service that they are now offering, although I do hope that they will extend the dates back further than 1996. I decided to give the service a try and typed in the week of October 27 2008 when the top two bestsellers were "Soul Communication" and "The Shack", I followed it up with the 3rd week of November 2008 search and found that "The Shack" was now number 1, but the "Audacity of Hope" had suddenly jumped into the picture. I know I will use this frequently just out of curiousity regarding the fickleness of the American psyche.

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