What does your library use to let patrons know when their books are due?


we send an email 2-3 days before it is due to remind them

We do this now, as well as the printed receipt.

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We just started doing this-emailing patron's two days prior to an item being due and some of our patron's absolutely hate it. They feel like they are being treated like children and have actually had us remove their email from their patron record. Any problems like that occur in your library?

but I just work in one our 89 community libraries. Maybe other locations have. There hasn't been any official communication about it.

In the past I have had people complain that we didn't notify them when an item was a couple days overdue. That was before our new ILS and email notifications.

"Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds"

-Candide by Voltaire

We also send an email a couple days before the book is due and will print a receipt when the book is checked out if the patron requests one.

We also extend the option for patrons to receive alerts via email or text message. They come in 2 days before the due date. Patrons using the texting option may also renew eligible items via SMS.

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How do you send out the SMS messages? Software connected with a wireless provider? Thanks for any info you can provide? How much does it cost you to send out SMS messages?

I know you can email SMS messages to phones but I didn't think that all phones would accept these.

Laconica software only allows SMS via e-mail to phones. Twitter can go beyond that but only in places they have agreements with service providers. This mostly depends upon the gateway software, if used. Laconica doesn't incorporate such while Twitter has it on their back-end presumably.

The sort of details you are seeking can be found starting with this: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=SMS_gateway&oldid=282552202
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We stamp a slip of paper (free bookmark!) and put it in the pocket.

Patrons with internet access can both look up their due dates and request renewals online.

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Students get printed receipts, staff get weekly email showing which titles are overdue and which are due back in the next 7 days.

We can print receipts if requested, but our practice is not to waste the paper. Our university doesn't charge overdue fines for most items (except videos and reserves), so it isn't a huge issue. All patrons also receive an email reminder seven days before an item is due.

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