What Does Amazon Mean to You?

When you see the word "Amazon", what's the first thing that springs to mind – the world's biggest forest, the longest river or the largest internet retailer – and which do you consider most important?

From Guardian UK:

These questions have risen to the fore in an arcane, but hugely important, debate about how to redraw the boundaries of the internet. Brazil and Peru have lodged objections to a bid made by the US e-commerce giant for a prime new piece of cyberspace: ".amazon".

The Seattle-based company has applied for its brand to be a top-level domain name (currently .com), but the South American governments argue this would prevent the use of this internet address for environmental protection, the promotion of indigenous rights and other public interest uses.


What do you think of when someone says Apple?

These top level domains assume people are going to be typing in web addresses.

So we have a site about saving the Amazon river. What address do we want savetheriver.amazon?
How do people know to type that in? Advertising? If we have advertising we can tell people any web address so why do we care if it has Amazon on the end.

Here is how people that independently want to find information on saving the Amazon river?

Go to Google

Run a search. Click on one of the links that come up.

Or people follow a link on Facebook or Twitter that their friend posted.

But hey Amazon.com is evil so anything they do requires hand ringing so it is critical that people oppose Amazon getting this domain. If they get the domain they might become the top Internet retailer.

Can people please learn to write a thought in a coherent manner. and spell? (wringing vs. ringing). It's very hard to follow a stream-of-consciousness post.

You are correct know one in a million years could figure out that hand ringing was supposed to be hand wringing.

Catch the error in that one?

My argument is that if people want to find information on how to save the Amazon they are going to go to Google and type -- "How to save the Amazon". They are not going to enter a domain name with .amazon on the end.

Top level names are utterly utterly pointless.

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