What's On the Agenda for National Library Week?

It starts this Sunday, April 10. Fill us in, what are you planning @ your library?

Fine amnesty? Special activities for children? For adults? Honoring volunteers? Author visits? Contests? Extended hours? Comment below.


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National Library Week

Since no one else has commented, I will. We're an academic library, and our culture is one that we cannot do anything without the director's approval. Our budget is almost completely used up, and everything free we suggested to her was countered with a suggestion that would cost money or was very impractical. So we gave up. Our celebration of NLW involves postings on Facebook.

National Library Week

We have a fine amnesty, a book sale and extra story time with give aways to all the kids.

"Cover to Cover" book arts exhibit

The Fond du Lac Public Library, located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, is playing host to "Cover to Cover", a book arts exhibit currently showing in the library's Langdon Divers Community Gallery. The exhibit's reception is this Thursday from 5-7 p.m., in conjunction with Nat'l Library Week! :D http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=163058807086142

National Library Week

We are a small county law library. April 13 we will have an "open house" where visitors play a guessing game and win prizes. I will serve Root Beer Floats and have some videos about the library to show.

thanks for the comments...and please keep them coming!

It's important to continue to stress the critical need for libraries and make sure your communities know how valuable they are. Shout it out!

Even though it's a tough time for libraries, it's informative to exchange ideas and offer support (the first poster sounds like he could use some of that). But hey, facebook and twitter have added so much to the continuing conversation about libraries, haven't they?

Root beer floats, mmm.

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