Wet and Woebegone MI Library Remains Closed

FERNDALE — Because of the extensive water damage that occurred late last month, the Ferndale (MI) Public Library will be closed until mid-February or later.

According to Ann Warner, president of the library Board of Trustees, it will take at least 10 weeks to finish all the recovery work on the library and get it ready to reopen to the public. She estimated that more than 15,000 gallons of water entered the library — located at 222 E. Nine Mile Road — when the water recycling system on the building’s mezzanine level somehow failed.

For Warner and others, news of the flooding was made “all the more heartbreaking” because of its timing: The damage occurred only four months after the expanded and renovated 21,000-square-foot library opened its doors.

“It would have been disheartening no matter when it occurred,” Warner said, “but this certainly makes it a lot more difficult to take.”

Library Director Doug Raber agreed. “It happened right after we felt like we were getting some momentum going and had started to become a real destination in the community,” he said. “To be deprived of the possibility of serving the public, that’s the most disappointing part.”

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