Weird Stuff You Can Check Out @ Your Library

From NPR (doesn't that make me sound like Carl Kasell): weird stuff that can be borrowed from different public libraries.

Items include fishing poles, snow shoes, garden seeds, pictures for your walls and bridal magazines. Anyone out there in LISNews-land lend other non-book items? If so, please comment below.


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Our library checks out

Our library checks out Victorian dresses...very unique, I think!


Can I ask..which library is this?


Can men check the dresses out?

Bike Tools

Our library checks out a bike tool kit.

ours checks out bike

ours checks out bike helmets---and various electronics, chargers, and anatomical models.


I don't know that I would want to check out a helmet that others have used. Do any patrons express this concern?

Some rural libraries in

Some rural libraries in Kansas (and probably in some other states) check out pie tins.

Fishing Poles!

I forget which, but there's a library in the CNY Finger Lakes region that loans our fishing poles.

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