We Need To Rethink The Web Because of Ads and Apps


A really interesting read from Matthew Butterick: The Bomb in the Garden: "Because a lot of you, maybe most of you, are going to spend most of your design career putting things on screen, and on the web. Not on paper. So again, going back to my first point—my major point today is that I hope you feel invested in this struggle, because whatever happens, it’s going to affect you for a long time. As I said at the beginning—designers have always been vital to the web, in terms of exploring its capabilities and sharing those possibilities."

It's about design and ads and apps and money, but if you live on the web, it's worth the read. The quote that caught me:

"" But we’re ready to take off the training wheels. And now that the web has competition, we really have no choice. The costs of delay are getting more severe. Think about those ads popping up for apps—“use this, instead of using the web.”"

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