Warren Beatty Biography, "Star"

Sounds like a good beach/vacation read.

Vanessa Grigoriadis reviews Peter Biskind's biography of Warren Beatty-- "Star; How Warren Beatty Seduced America" in Sunday's New York Times. Presumably Beatty first agreed to cooperate in the creation of the book but later renegged on his offer.

From the review:

For a relative unknown, dating an actress like [Joan] Collins was a coup, but Beatty was more interested in platonic seduction of those higher on the food chain: writers and directors. His first scalp was the (gay) playwright William Inge, author of “Come Back, Little Sheba” and “Picnic,” who hoped to cast him in the part of a man so sexually confident that “he feels a wreath has been hung on his penis.” Soon, he secured an audience with Clifford Odets at Romanoff’s restaurant on Rodeo Drive, and bonded with Elia Kazan, who gave him his first big break, “Splendor in the Grass.” He impressed them with his intelligence, but he liked playing the pretty boy too. From a young age, he maintained a diet of soy burgers and carrot juice, washed his hair with a six-pack of beer, and even separated his eyelashes with a pin before shooting a scene (for sex, he pumped up his thyroid with vitamins) — and he didn’t care who knew it. Carly Simon has never explicitly admitted that Beatty was the inspiration for “You’re So Vain,” but he likes to think so.
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