Want to Tweet To the Cream of the Crop?

Times are tough for the libraries and librarians in your life. No matter where you live, your library needs your support right now. To celebrate these passionate literary professionals, we have created another directory curated by GalleyCat Reviews readers.

At the end of this post, we are building a directory of the Best Library People on Twitter. Add your favorite library, librarian, or library journalist (or yourself) to the growing list. Our feeble list IS NOT COMPREHENSIVE–yet. Add your favorite library people in the comments, we’ll add them to the list.

Here's Galley Cat's List of "Best Library People on Twitter"...


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glad to see a lot of great librarians added

in the comments section...if you tweet library stuff and you have (or want) a following, add yourself, I did!

add to the list...

...my colleague, the Digital Initiative Librarian here at Syracuse University Library, @_pixelpixie_

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