Voting Days Coming Soon

This is an unusual time with so many national elections occurring within roughly the same time span. Within the Anglosphere, the following elections are coming up in next several weeks:

  • Canada - October 14th
  • United States - November 4th
  • New Zealand - November 8th
Barring a dissolution of Parliament being advised by Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the United Kingdom or the federal government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd losing confidence or supply in Australia those are the three main election contests to come.

The next several weeks are going to be quite interesting. While coverage of the US presidential contest will likely dominate news worldwide, two other nations have their own high-stakes elections where their respective premiers may lose power potentially. Could a President Obama wind up talking to a Canadian Prime Minister Jack Layton? Could a new New Zealand Prime Minister named John Key be required to speak to a President McCain? Only time will tell.

As to library policy, I know that in the platforms put forward by the Democratic and Republican parties in the US the word "library" is only mentioned once. That mention came in a paragraph in the Democratic Party document about expanding the availability of broadband Internet to libraries and similar entities. The Republican Party's platform document never mentioned libraries directly. As for elections outside the United States, securing copies of platforms is not an easy task.

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